Thursday, July 9, 2015

Be an ADVOCATE for your HEALTH!

Being an advocate for your own health is so important these days. I had a back injury about 4 years ago, that has flared up on and off over the course of time. I have gone to several doctors that do not really have an explanation for me (it is arthritis, your SI joint, etc.). Well, as it turns out, thanks to going to an amazing doctor at PSU Orthopedics- after about 8 x-rays (not 1 or 2), I have a bulging/possibly herniated disc (which would explain the sharp pain going down my left leg into my foot). I am now on Prednizone and muscle relaxers. I will also be going to a great PT who is certified in the McKenzie Method for treatment of back pain (thanks to my doctor and a couple of great friends for this great recommendation). I was able to pop in to get the "Mckenzie Superroll" and the Treat Your Own Back Book so I could get started right away. 

I am NOT going to let this back injury get in the way of my healthy lifestyle.

 I will still be eating healthy 80% of the time and I will still exercise every day- just with some modifications (including the addition of the back stretches). Luckily I will have support from my Lab, Buddy every step of the way smile emoticon