Friday, August 21, 2015

Freezer Meal Tips

1. Plan out your meals for the week, and then prepare your grocery list. I have all of my favorite recipes printed out and I keep them in a binder in sheet protectors. I make all my meals in 1 day with my family (yes, hubby and kids help out), and we usually make enough for almost 2 weeks, know that we will not have a freezer meal every night.

2. On my prep day, I label my freezer bags with a sharpie or paper label (listing ingredients, date made, and cooking instructions).

3. Get out all of the necessary ingredients. I chop all of the fresh veggies, and then work in an assembly line to fill all of the freezer bags.

4. For slow cooker recipes, fill your 1 or 2 gallon-sized plastic freezer bag like this: beans and veggies at the bottom, sauces and spices in the middle, and the meat at the top. This way when you dump it, meat is on the bottom of your cooker.

5. Seal up the bag (getting all the air out), lay flat in the freezer, and store for up to 3 months.

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